Charger Problems Solutions For Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus issues with charging seem to be a common issue for users of the new Samsung smartphone. There are several issues with the Galaxy S20, including the Galaxy S20+ Plus not charging and the Galaxy S20+ Plus turning on after charging. Below are some possible solutions for your Galaxy S20+ Plus charging issues.

How to Fix Galaxy S20+ and Not Charging Issue

Other common causes for the Galaxy S20’s charger not working include the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus charging problem – grey battery problem.

  • The connectors are broken, bent or pushed in on the battery or device.
  • The phone is broken.
  • Broken battery
  • A defective charging unit or cable
  • Temporary phone issue
  • Phone is broken

Changing Cables

Checking the charging cables is the first thing to do when your Samsung Galaxy stops charging. Sometimes the charging cable is damaged or has lost its connection to the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Try switching the cable with another USB cable to determine if it is the problem.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus

Sometimes the Galaxy S20 does not charge when plugged into. This is usually because the software needs rebooting. While this might not be the best solution, it will fix the Galaxy S20+ Plus’s charging issues. 

Charger Problems Solutions For Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

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