How To Use Galaxy S20 Eye Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus is packed with great new features. People keep asking this icon questions and want to know how the Galaxy S20+ Plus’ eye tracking icon appears in the status bar. To clarify what the Galaxy S20 eye icon is, it means Smart Stay is activated. Smart Stay allows you to illuminate the display while you’re looking at it.

The Galaxy S20 Eye Tracking symbol will appear at regular intervals, then disappears. This is because the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus detects if you are watching the screen and activates the eye icon. This works with both the Galaxy S20+ Plus front cameras and checks for simple patterns.

How to activate Smart Stay on Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ Plus:

  • Turn on Galaxy S20+ Plus and Galaxy S20
  • Menu
  • Choose from different settings
  • Select a Display
  • Search for the option “Stay Smart”.
  • Check out the box
  • The Galaxy S20+ Plus’ status bar will now show the eye icon.

In the same menu is the “Smart Stay” feature that works with the Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Smart Stay will allow smartphones to activate the display by using their eyes. Smart Stay works using eye recognition. Smart Stay is based on the Galaxy S20 cameras front sensors. This can detect when the user turns their eyes away and dim the display. It then turns back on when they look at the screen again.

How To Use Galaxy S20 Eye Tracking

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