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kashi scientific

Kashi Scientific

Who Is Kashi Scientific

After years of searching for reliable companies to work with, a group notable laboratorians founded Kashi Scientific in 2019. They supply products and provide services that will improve your business’ efficiency. Kashi Scientific supplies products that comply with FDA regulations and industry standards. They will work with you to improve your operations standards.


Their Mission

Their team works closely with businesses to address their supply chain problems, delays, and irrational pricing structure. They provide the supplies you require so that you can concentrate on the critical work required by medical offices and laboratories. Their clients can rest assured that their businesses are well-stocked and operating at peak capacity. They minimize turnaround times, maximize cost efficiency, simplify daily operations, and reduce costs. You can find out more about Kashi Scientific, by checking out their website. 


Kashi Scientific Pricing

Their strength lies in supporting their clients. One of the best ways to do this is by offering the highest quality products at a fair price. Special pricing and discounts are available for different institutions, clinics, or laboratories. Get in touch with them to find out what discounts are available.


Same-day Shipping

Kashi Scientific know how important it is to get the products you need quickly. They guarantee that all orders received by 3pm PST will be processed and shipped the same day. To ensure that their clients are always available, they keep their warehouses fully stocked with a wide range of products.

No delays, no backorders, no excuses.

Kashi Scientific
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