Galaxy S20 Not Charging – How To Fix Problem

While most Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are trouble-free, some owners have reported problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20. Some Galaxy S20 owners assumed that the USB cable was the problem. Instead, we will show you some quick solutions to the problem with Galaxy S20 or Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus not charging after plugging in.

Other common reasons why the charger does not work on the Galaxy S20 are the following:

  • The connectors are broken, bent or pushed in on the battery or device.
  • Phone is broken
  • Broken battery
  • A defective charging unit or cable
  • Temporary phone issue
  • Phone is broken

Changing Cables

If your Samsung Galaxy S20 stops charging, check that the charging cable is in good condition. Sometimes the charger cable is damaged or has lost its connection to the Galaxy S20. Try switching the charger cable with another one that works before you buy a new one. The other USB cable should charge the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. If that fails, you can switch it out with another USB cable.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S20

Sometimes the Galaxy S20 does not charge when plugged into. This is usually because the software needs rebooting. While this might not solve the problem immediately, it does resolve the Galaxy S20 charging problem. You can find the complete guide .

Clean USB Port

A common reason why the Samsung Galaxy S20 does not charge via usb may be that something is blocking the connection. The problem could be due to debris, dirt, or lint. This issue can be fixed by using a needle or paper click to push the USB charging port around. Most of the time this is what causes the Galaxy S20 to not charge properly. However, it is important to keep in mind that the USB port should not be damaged and should be cleaned gently.

Get support by an authorized technician

If none the above solutions work, it is worth taking your Samsung Galaxy S20 to an authorized Samsung technician. The warranty might cover a replacement for the smartphone if the smartphone is damaged beyond repair.

Galaxy S20 Not Charging – How To Fix Problem

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