How To Track And Find Samsung Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

You will need to locate and track your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. We will be recommending several methods to track and find your stolen Galaxy S20+ Plus and Galaxy S20+ Plus, including an Android Device Manager, tracker apps and other software.

Google offers software similar to Find My iPhone by Apple. You can use this software to locate your stolen or lost device. For more information on how to locate your Galaxy S20, or Galaxy S20+ Plus device that has been stolen, please read on.

The Android Device Manager allows you to track your Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. The Android Device Manager also features a feature that allows you to remotely erase all data and information if your smartphone is lost or stolen. These are some options for people who want to find lost or stolen Galaxy S20+ Plus and Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How to Find Lost Galaxy S20

We will explain many methods to locate your Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below are the top options to help you get your search started as quickly as possible.

  • Your Galaxy S20 should have the proper tools installed to allow you to locate and secure your device from a remote location. You should take preventative measures once you get your phone back.
  • To remotely access files or information, you can use apps such as AirDroid.

Search Galaxy S20 With Android Device Manager

When it comes to locating your stolen Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus, the best choice is to register and access the Android Device Manager. Although many devices already have this feature, you should double-check.

On the Galaxy S20 you can enable Android Device Manager by going to settings > Security and Screen lock > Device Administrators. It is possible that the exact location and name for the menus may differ from one phone to the next, so be sure to look around. You can simply click the ” Android Phone Manager” box.

Using Lookout

Lookout is an alternative to the Android Device Manager for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. While Lockout works in the same way as the Android Device Manager but offers greater security features.

Loud ring mode to find Galaxy S20

To begin, turn on loud ring mode to help locate your Galaxy S20 if it is nearby. Remotely locking or wiping your phone is possible if you need to access sensitive data. If you are ever required to use this service from an Android device other than your own, ensure that you Download the Android Device Manager app from Google Play Store

Find Your Lost Galaxy – S20

You will need to log in to Android Device Manager to track your Galaxy S20. Android Device Manager uses GPS for location tracking.

This button will allow you to track your lost or stolen device using the GPS Locate feature. Google warns users against trying to recover a lost device by themselves. Instead, contact the police. For this feature to work, it is important to contact the Galaxy S20+ Plus to establish a WiFi connection so that the GPS location can tracked.

How To Track And Find Samsung Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

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