Random Acts of Kindness: Ariya Hajari

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FROM: Maya

ABOUT: Ariya Hajari


Last week I was camping near Astoria at Fort Stevens State Park. One of the days I went to the beach with my family to walk on the sand during low tide. Arriving back to our campsite I had noticed that my phone was missing.

I searched all over and was not able to find my phone anywhere near the campsite. I decided I would use my husbands phone to call it and locate it by the ringing sound. To my surprise, when I called it after a few rings a young gentleman answered the phone.

He said he was at the beach and found the phone on the ground about a half an hour ago. I asked for his name and he said Ariya and that he could wait for me at the beach or if I shared my location with him, he would drop it off on his way back. We exchanged contact information and I gave him my husband’s number so he could call it when he arrived back to the camping grounds.

Ironically Ariya Hajari’s campsite was just two sites over from ours and we had talked to some of his family the day before. I offered to pay him for his trouble and for his honesty to return the phone, since many people these days would probably have just thought it was their lucky day finding a brand new iPhone on the ground.

Ariya said no to the money and mentioned it wouldn’t feel right to him to accept the money for something that he would hope others would do for him if the situation were reversed. Since he wouldn’t accept the money, I ended up going to Fred Meyer and purchasing a case of beer for at least some sort of reward that he deserved.

Random Acts of Kindness: Ariya Hajari

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