Wine Bottle Lights: How To Create Your Own At Home

To get into the holiday spirit and spend some quality time with family you should consider making some wine bottle lights. Not only is this a great creative project you can do, it is also a wonderful way to recycle and help eliminate waste in our environment.

Also, instead of getting those standard light fixtures at big box retail stores, making wine bottle lights allows you to customize your home and give it a special touch that a stock light would not be able to do.

In our guide below we will explain how to make wine bottle lights that you can complete and ready to hang in one night. It is important that you have all the required material so you can build your self a nice wine bottle light.


Material For Wine Bottle Lights:

  • Empty bottle of wine
  • Light bulb
  • Scissors
  • Acetone
  • Sand paper
  • Lighter
  • Cotton wick
  • Ice water
  • Light bulb socket that can hang


How To Build Wine Bottle Lights:

  1. Remove the label from your wine bottle
  2. Fill a bowl with acetone
  3. Insert the cotton wick all the way in the bowl that has been filled with acetone
  4. Take out the wick and then wrap it around your wine bottle. (Based on the size you want the light to be)
  5. Tie a knot in the cotton wick so it is nice and secure
  6. Use your lighter and light the cotton wick as you are turning the bottle
  7. While the wick is burning, get a large bowl that is filled with ice water
  8. Put the wine bottle into the large bowl that has ice water in it
  9. After some time, take out the wine bottle from the bowl and the bottom portion of the bottle should come off
  10. Using sandpaper, go around the edge of the wine bottle to smooth things out
  11. Insert your light cord into the bottom of the wine bottle light
  12. Put the bulb into the socket
  13. Get the cord to get through the wine bottle light
  14. Hang the wine bottle light and enjoy your new piece of art


We hope that this guide has helped you learn how to build a wine bottle light. If you would like to see our other simple DIY projects, please browse our site for some great ideas.

Wine Bottle Lights: How To Create Your Own At Home

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