Glassestools Review: Best Place For Replacement Parts

Are you one of those people that use your sunglasses or eyeglasses all the time? Well if this is the case, you probably have dealt with the issue of damages of these items. Since eyewear is so expensive in the first place, you might think twice about going out and buying yourself a new pair when your current eyewear gets damaged.

This is the camp we were in when it came to fixing a pair of damaged sunglasses after a golfing trip to Arizona. The nose pad and screw fell off onside of the sunglasses and was not usable anymore. Going to the store I already felt the pain of the upcoming replacement purchase.

Luckily we had been notified of a website called that sells replacement parts for all different type of eyewear. Parts range from screws to nose pads for almost every brand of eyewear you can think of.


Save Yourself Money With

After the sticker shock at Nordstrom, an attempt to fix the sunglasses instead of buying a new pair was worth it. Headed over to the site to type in my brand and model number of the Prada sunglasses. Selected the color of screw that I needed and the size of the nose pad and within a few days the parts arrived at my front door.

Installation was super easy and had not difficulty during the process of fixing the sunglasses. After it was all said and done, the final results had the sunglasses looking and feeling the same as before the golfing accident.

Saved a few hundred dollars by just fixing the sunglasses instead of buying a new pair. Overall happy with the experience and suggested to other people as well.

Glassestools Review: Best Place For Replacement Parts

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