How To Remove A Pocket Door And Install New Pocket Door

Home improvements have gotten really popular this year and many people are taking on projects to improve their enjoyment of their home and the properties home value. One of the most popular home improvement projects is installing a new pocket door. To note, to install a new pocket door, you first need to remove a pocket door from the old position before placing in the new one.

In this guide we will explain how to remove pocket door to replace it with a new pocket door. A great thing about pocket doors is that is wonderful for small spaces or areas where having a traditional door will look and feel unusual in a layout.

Unlike a sliding barn door where the hardware of the door are on the outside of the door, a pocket door has the hardware inside the wall and hidden from site. It is suggested that before you go to remove a pocket door and replace it with a new one that you go for a prebuilt pocket door kit that will reduce stress during the installation and make life overall much easier during the renovation process.

Follow the steps below to learn how to install a pocket door and remove a pocket door in the process of your home renovation project.


Material For Installing A Pocket Door


Steps To Install Pocket Door

  1. Select where you want to install your pocket door (Note: make sure that there is no plumbing or electrical in that part of the wall that you want to install the pocket door)
  2. Remove pocket door that is currently door or another type of door that you want to replace with your new pocket door
  3. Hang up drop cloths around the renovation area to prevent dust and debris from spreading to other areas
  4. Cut out the drywall if needed where your new pocket door will go (This is where a crowbar comes in handy)
  5. If there are studs or headers where your new pocket door will be going, remove those (talk to a contractor to make sure that you will not be removing any support beams that can cause serious structural damage to your house)
  6. Build your door frame will the new pocket door will go
  7. Place the pre made pocket door into the correct location and add the track hardware
  8. Hang the door to complete the new pocket door


After the steps from above have been followed and you have installed the new pocket door, then you can call this home improvement project complete. Please check out the rest of your DIY home improvement projects that we have on our site.

How To Remove A Pocket Door And Install New Pocket Door

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