Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Enable Developer Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was released recently with many features, controls and security settings. Google has chosen to conceal some of these options from the user. The good news? You can enable developer mode on Galaxy S20 to gain access to many hidden features you can modify on the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Developer Mode lets you control additional features of the device, modify settings and enable USB debugging. You will need to enable it in settings.

You will need to unlock the developer menu in order to be able to create third party software or ROMs or just hack around with your phone. It’s easy to do and requires only 5-6 taps. Continue reading for more details and visual breakdown.

How do I enable Developer Mode?

There is no harm to your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone when you enable developer options. Developer Mode only shows options that Google hides for a reason. However those wanting to modify their device may need to access some settings.

How to enable developer mode on Galaxy S20

First, open the settings menu. You can also access the settings menu by sliding down from the notification bar and tapping on the same icon with the gear-shaped shape near the top of the display. You will see the prompt, then tap four times more to get to the settings. After you’ve finished, tap the back button. You will return to the base settings menu for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Once you return to the normal settings, a new option is displayed above the About device setting.

The Developer options option can be tapped to open the previously hidden developer menu. Once you’ve enabled Developer Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20 you will see many settings that cater to the advanced user. This is the advantage of unlocking developer mode. These settings aren’t available for the average user. 

The developer options will show you a variety of animation scale options, all set at 1x. Your phone will feel more responsive if you lower these values to 0.5x.

Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Enable Developer Mode

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