Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20+ Plus Won’t Turn ON After Charging (Solution)

Some Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus owners have reported that their smartphones are having charging problems. According to some reports, the Samsung Galaxy S20 won’t turn on after charging even though it has been fully charged. These are some solutions that will fix the problem when the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus doesn’t turn on at all.

Press the Power button

First, you need to test. Next, press the “Power” button repeatedly to verify that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is powered on. If you still have trouble powering the phone on, try the other options below.

Boot to Safe mode

You can put the Galaxy S20 in “Safe Mode”, which will allow you to use the preloaded apps. Safe Mode will allow you to identify which app is causing the issue. These are the steps to get into Safe Mode

  • Press and hold the Power button simultaneously
  • Release the Power button when the Samsung screen displays. Then, press and hold down the Volume Down key.
  • It will display the Safe Mode text in the bottom left corner when the screen is restarted.

Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

You will learn how to set the Samsung Galaxy S20 into recovery mode. 

  • While you are holding the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons, simultaneously press and hold them.
  • After your smartphone vibrates once, release the Power button. However, you can hold the remaining buttons until Android System Recovery screen displays.
  • Click the “Volume down” button and then select “wipe cache partition”.
  • After clearing the cache partition, your smartphone will restart automatically

Get Technical Assistance

If you are unable to get the Samsung Galaxy S20 to charge, please take the device back to the shop to be checked for damages. You may be able to receive a replacement unit, or it might be repaired. However, the problem may be with the Samsung Galaxy S20’s power switch.

Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20+ Plus Won’t Turn ON After Charging (Solution)

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