How To Fix Slow Camera On Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus have a fantastic new camera. The new technology in these cameras allows for a very fast auto-focus and shutter speed, improved low-light photography, as well as an overall great camera experience. Some users have complained that the Galaxy S20’s camera is too slow, which can be frustrating.

Others see the Galaxy S20 message “Hold device steady until it finishes taking the photo” and a circle that takes forever. Below is a guide for those who are experiencing this problem.

How to Fix Slow Galaxy S20 Camera Performance

Picture stabilization on the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus is a feature that’s designed for night-time usage. This feature is disabled by default, and it is causing slowness in the Galaxy S20’s camera. These instructions will show you how to fix slow camera issues with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus.

  • Turn on the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus.
  • Open the Camera App.
  • You can find Settings on the lower left corner of your screen.
  • You can disable the “Picture Stabilization” option by looking for it.

Follow these instructions to get a faster Galaxy S20 camera. You’ll also be able to take better photos that aren’t blurry if you follow them. The Galaxy S20’s Picture Stabilization allows users to take brighter, clearer photos in low light situations by opening the shutter longer. This will allow for more detail and light to be captured. You will need to be very steady while you wait. Blurred lines can result from even the smallest movements of your hand or that of the subject.

How To Fix Slow Camera On Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus

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