How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar

Our dogs are our best friends, so why not spoil them a little with a personal gift that you have made yourself. Instead of spending money on a paracord dog collar, take some of the extra time you currently have on your hands and make a paracord dog collar yourself.

Below we will provide you with material you will need to make a paracord dog collar and the step by step guide on how to create a paracord collar for your dog. Get creative a little and mix some things up to make it as unique as possible for your dog.



How To Make Paracord Dog Collar

Items that you will need to get:


Step 1: Connect The 2 Cords Together

Once you get your items to make the paracord dog collar you can start the process. The first thing you will need to do is connect the two cords together. The way you can do this is shorten the ends of each color a little and make a small angle cut at the ends of the cord. After this, grab your lighter and melt the ends of the cords and while they are hot, push them together so it becomes one cord.


Step 2: Knot The Cords

Using the combined cord that you have done, fold it in half and then loop it into the female part of the buckle. Next once the thread has gone through the buckle, make knot so it stays nice and secured.


Step 3: Create The Cords Length

Now put the ends of the thread into the other buckle. The next thing that you will need to do is set the length of cords and you can do this by sliding the buckle until you decide what length is good for your paracord dog collar.


Step 4: Adjust D Ring

Adjust your D Ring to the area until it connects with the buckle that you attached in the previous step.


Step 5: Cobra Weave

Using Color 1 cord that you want to use put it over the Core cord, move the Color 1 cord under Color 2 cord and loop Color 1 behind the core and then into the loop that was formed with the Color 1 cord. Next use your thumb and push up and then pull both color cord to make it tight. Do the same steps again from the left site and continue by switching from one side to the other.


Step 6: Secure It

Once you have finished the Cobra weave, adjust the collar through the slot so the buckle becomes more secure. Keep doing this until you can’t get more knots into it. Once done, adjust the collar to the original position and put the end of the cords into it so it becomes more secure.


Step 7: King Cobra Weave

Now to make this paracord dog collar even better you can add a King Cobra weave. Follow the same steps that have been provided to you in step 5. This will allow you to adjust the collar so it can fit dogs of different sizes. At the end loop the Color 2 below and into the Color 1 loop. Tighten the cords to finish it up.


Step 9: Finishing Up

Now you are almost done completing the paracord dog collar. But both of the cords into the center of D Ring. Adjust the collar and but the cords into a few loops to make it more secure. Once you have it all finished, cut the ends of the cords using a scissor and then connect them together with the lighter.



How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar

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