How To Change Language On Funimation

Funimation is a popular new website in the United States that is great for steaming content. Some users have been asking how to change language on Funimation. This is a common thing that many want to know how to change and we will explain in our tutorial below about Funimation change language. The process to do this is very easy and can be done in just a few quick steps.

Funimation has several tiers of plans for its content streaming which includes the Basic Plan, Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra. All three type of these plans will be able to change language on Funimation with the help of our guide below.


Funimation : Change Language

  1. Go to Funimation app and sign in
  2. Go to the My Account page
  3. Choose on Preferences
  4. Go to the Video settings
  5. Select on the Preferred Language option
  6. Now you will be able to change the Funimation language settings to either English or Japanese
  7. Select on Save to confirm the language changes on Funimation


We hope that this tutorial has helped you learn how to change languages on Funimation. As you can see the process was very easy. If you know anyone that would find this guide useful, please share it with them so it can help them out.

How To Change Language On Funimation

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