How To Hide Captions On TikTok

The TikTok app has taken over the world with the wonderful user content that can be generated and shared with others on the app. Even though the app is amazing, one thing that some users have been complaining about is wanting to know how to hide captions on TikTok.

For those people that don’t like to see TikTok captions, then this tutorial is for you as below we will be providing you instructions on how to hide TikTok captions when you are using the app.

This will explain about hiding captions on TikTok for your own videos and also for someone else’s video.


How To Hide Captions On TikTok


How To Hide Captions On Someone Else’s Video

  1. Go to TikTok
  2. Head to the “Liked Videos” area
  3. Open the view you want to view
  4. Tap on “Share”
  5. Select on “Save Video”
  6. Head to your Photo Gallery where you have saved TikTok videos appear. You will now see that captions are hidden


How To Hide Captions On Your Video 

  1. Go to TikTok
  2. Film your video
  3. Now save it
  4. After you have saved it, go ahead and re-upload the video
  5. When the option shows where you can add a caption, don’t fill it out to hide captions on TikTok videos


We hope that this tutorial was useful for you and that you now know how to hide captions on TikTok. If you found this video of some value, please share it with others so it could help them out as well.

How To Hide Captions On TikTok

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