How To Turn OFF Notifications For TikTok

If you have downloaded and used the TikTok app you can realize how addictive the app is. Without even realizing it you can hours on the app. One feature that can draw you back into TikTok and spend even more time on there is the TikTok notifications that get sent to your phone.

Some don’t like this and want to know how to turn off notifications for TikTok so they stop spending so much time on the app. If this is the case for you, don’t worry as below is a tutorial on how to disable notifications on TikTok.

Continue below to learn how to do this and you will know how to turn off TikTok notifications. You can do this from within the app or from the settings of your smartphone.

for TikTok.


How To Turn OFF Notifications For TikTok From The App

  1. Go to TikTok
  2. Go to your TikTok profile
  3. Tap on the three-dot
  4. Select on General
  5. Go to “Push Notifications”
  6. Choose which type of notifications on TikTok to disable
  7. Now you want get these TikTok notifcations anymore


How To Disable Notifications For TikTok From Phone Settings

  1. Go to the Settings area of your smartphone
  2. Browse for TikTok and open it in Settings
  3. Switch the “Show Notifications” toggle to OFF


We hope that this tutorial has been of some use to you and now know how to disable TikTok notifications for your smartphone.

If there is someone else you can think of that would find this guide of some use, please share it with them.

How To Turn OFF Notifications For TikTok

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