TikTok Videos Not Uploading – How To Fix

One of the fun things about TikTok is seeing a new trend show up on your for you page and making your own version of it and sharing it with your followers.

But it can be frustrating at times when that cool video that you made is not uploading. For those that are having TikTok videos not uploading problem, don’t worry this is common and there is a few ways you can fix this.

This tutorial will provide you with a few different troubleshooting solutions for when videos not uploading on TikTok. Please read the suggestions below and see if you can fix the reason why your TikTok videos are not uploading.


You Need To Update TikTok

The first thing that you should check to see if you have the most current version of the TikTok app, if not this could be the reason why your video is not uploading. By going to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and updating your TikTok, this will generally fix the bugs that are occurring on TikTok.


Make Sure Uploading Videos Have No Watermark

One concept that is not allowed on any platform is watermark infringement. If you are attempting to upload a video that has another person’s watermark on it, then TikTok won’t allow you to upload the video. You should check and see if the video you are trying to upload has a watermark or not. This is the second most common reason why people ask they can’t upload video on TikTok. 


Check Internet Connection

The final thing you should see is causing the TikTok video not uploading is your Internet connection. If you have bad service or a weak Internet connection, then you won’t be able to upload TikTok videos. For those on WiFI, get closer to your WiFi router to get a stronger signal or those use their phone’s Internet, find a place that has better service. This should fix why you can’t upload videos to TikTok.

We hope that this guide was of some use to you and if you know anyone else that you would find it useful, please share it with them.

TikTok Videos Not Uploading – How To Fix

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