Estimates For Water Damage Repair Costs

Without a complete inspection, it can be difficult to calculate final costs. Costs can also be affected by factors like the type of water and the amount of time they were left wet. We need to first understand the basics of water damage and how it can be repaired.

Category of water damage

It is crucial to determine the severity of damage by determining which water type. According to the IICRC, there are three types of water which can cause home damage:

  • Category 1 Water is water that has been purified from a source without posing a significant risk of causing disease. The water must have not been used for an inordinate amount of time. Materials must also be kept clean.
  • Category 2 Water: This water, also known as gray water, has a high level of contaminants. You can think of water that comes from an aquarium, dishwasher, or washing machine discharges as examples.
  • Category 3 Water is water (also known as “black”) that has come from an unsanitary source. This could include water that has been contaminated by sewage, seawater, or lakewater, or water that has escaped from a drain trap. This is the most dangerous type of water. It should be treated with professional help.

It is easiest to treat water damage, which results in lower costs and easier remediation. Black water damage, however, is more difficult to deal with and requires more structural material removal. The cost of repair and remediation can quickly escalate.

Costs can be affected by water damage

The extent of the damage is also important. Additionally, water can migrate into previously unaffected materials and areas if materials are left wetter than usual. After 72 hours have passed, certified restoration companies almost always remove any material that has been wet. This is due to mold development in 48-72 hours, especially if category 2 and3 water is involved.

There is a significant difference between a small amount of water in your basement and a large flood on your main floor. Costs will be determined by the extent and severity of the damage.

Materials Involved

The type of materials in your home is another important factor. Carpeting is easy to clean and can be replaced or cleaned easily. Hardwood floors require more work and time, so they are more expensive to replace.

Considerations for Insurance

It is possible to have homeowners insurance. It is important to check with your agent regularly to confirm that all types are covered by your policy. 

Estimates For Water Damage Repair Costs

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