Galaxy S20+ And Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Set Up Device

Congratulations for purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus smartphone. You may be interested in learning how to set the Galaxy S20 up for the first time. You should be aware of several key points when setting up the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus smartphones for the first time.

The Galaxy S20 will ask you to set it up when you first turn it on. The setup screen will appear on your device. You can choose your Internet connection and sign in to your accounts.

Two Methods to Setup Galaxy S20 As New:

  • Select Get content from old device if you have content that you wish to transfer from another phone.
  • Restore from the Galaxy Backup if you have a backup of your phone that you need to restore from an online storage.

When you want to move content from one Samsung Galaxy S20 to another, you can make it easier to back up your Galaxy S20. This process can be made easier by selecting Back up phone every day in the future.

You should be aware that many features on the Galaxy S20 need an Internet connection to function. Location-based services and auto sync of online accounts are two examples. Additional data fees could apply. You can disable these features in Settings to avoid data fees.

Tip You can enable TalkBack for voice feedback navigation before you select the language. Keep your fingers crossed until the screen displays a message indicating that accessibility mode is activated.

Galaxy S20+ And Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Set Up Device

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