Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Turn OFF Predictive Text

If you own a new Samsung smartphone, then you are likely familiar with the many new features that it offers. Predictive Text on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus is one example. This is a feature that predicts the context of what you write in a message.

Predictive text will make it quicker to message someone using your smartphone. These are the steps to disable predictive text from your Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Turn off predictive text for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus

  • Turn on the smartphone.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on Language & input.
  • Tap on Samsung Keyboard.
  • Tap on to see Predictive text

Advanced setting

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has the Advanced menu that allows you to access additional settings, including the standard ones for predictive text. These settings allow you to customize predictive text with more controls. A long keystroke can be used to set time delays. You can set up a setting that allows you hold down a number, or letter, for a longer time. A special character appears on the keyboard.

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