Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Clear Cache

Samsung Galaxy S20 users can solve most Android problems with two simple solutions that take just a few moments. A factory reset and a cache wipe are the best ways to fix bugs or other software issues on your Galaxy S20.

Clearing the cache on a Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus is the best way to go. This guide will show you how to clear your Galaxy S20 cache.

What does the cache do?

First, you need to be able to identify what cache is. Two types of cache are available on the Samsung Galaxy S20. The app cache is one and the system cache is the other. Every app on the Galaxy S20+ Plus comes with its own cache. This cache allows temporary data to be saved for easier switching between apps. Although the Galaxy S20’s system cache does the exact same thing, it only stores the temporary data for Android software and not each individual app. It is best to wipe the system cache if there are problems with apps freezing or crashing.

How do I clear the app cache in the Galaxy S20

If you have problems with a specific app only, you can clear the cache first. Here are the steps to clear the app cache:

  • Turn on your Galaxy S20/S20+ Plus
  • Go to Settings > Application Manager
  • Choose the app to clear the cache
  • Look for the app info screen after you’ve chosen the app.
  • Clear Cache
  • Go to Settings > Security to clear all app caches
  • Select Cached Data to delete all app caches at once

Clear Data should not be selected unless you don’t want all information stored by the app, including your username, passwords, progress in games, preferences and settings.

How to clear the cache in an app that doesn’t work

If you’ve cleared all caches and the Galaxy S20 issue persists, you can uninstall the app and reboot the device . Important: Before you reset your Galaxy S20, make sure to backup all data. This will prevent any data from getting lost. If the problem persists even after restarting the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus devices, you should perform a system cache wipe. Also known as clearing out the cache partition of the Galaxy S20.

Clearing system cache on Galaxy S20:

  • Turn the Galaxy S20+ Plus and Galaxy S20 off
  • When the Android logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume up, Power and Home buttons simultaneously. The phone will vibrate.
  • Now release the Power button, and hold on to the other buttons.
  • Scroll down with the volume buttons and highlight the Wipe cache Partition
  • The Power button is pressed
  • Scroll down to “Yes” and then click the Power button
  • Scroll down and click on Reboot System Now to activate it.
  • With a cleared cache, your Galaxy S20 will restart.
Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20+ Plus: How To Clear Cache

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