Screen Capture On Galaxy S20: The Screenshot Trick

The Galaxy S20 screen capture is very similar to the Galaxy S20’s past Galaxy smartphones. This guide will show you how to screen-capture on Samsung Galaxy S20. The screen capture saves the image displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S20. The screenshot is also known as screen printing or hardcopy. In case you’re unsure about how to capture a screen on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone screen, here are two methods you can use.

How do you capture the screen on Galaxy S20?

Galaxy S20 screen capture is simple and easy. Simply press and hold the home and power buttons of your smartphone simultaneously until you hear the shutter sound to take a Galaxy Screen Shot. You will see a drop down notification after you have taken your screen shot. This will allow you to access the Samsung Galaxy S20 screen captured.

Take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S20. Swipe the screen

You can also take screen shots on Galaxy S20 by simply swiping across the screen. You must enable this gesture in Android. You will need to navigate to your settings in order for the Samsung Galaxy S20 to activate the gesture. To enable the feature, go to settings. Tap “Motions” and then tap “Palm swipe capture”. By activating the controller, activate the function.

Two ways to capture a screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 are now available. This handy feature will be more useful on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Screen Capture On Galaxy S20: The Screenshot Trick

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