Is Mold growing beneath my Toilet Rim?

A black moldy ring appears when you open the lid of your toilet bowl. Why is mold growing below the rim of your toilet? You might be wondering where the mold came from and how safe is it for you to use your toilet. The mold could pose a danger to your health and cause more problems than just an unpleasant sight.

Mold loves organic materials, water, and dark spaces. Your family and you provide the organic materials, if that’s what we are referring to. A funny aside: If you or a family member has diabetes.

The body of a diabetic has problems processing glucose. Their urine will be higher in sugar than that of a normal person even though their diabetes is under control. The best food for mold in a toilet is glucose-enriched fluid.

Also, toilets that don’t get flushed regularly or are not cleaned as frequently as other bathrooms in your house are more likely to become moldy. Even if they’re not used daily, it’s important to flush them occasionally.

What is Mold Dangerous?

There are many kinds of molds. The United States has more than 100,000. When molds spread their colonies, they release mycotoxins. Many types of mycotoxins can cause disease to humans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mold can cause many health problems.

  • Stuffy nose
  • Eyes that are red or itchy
  • Skin rashes
  • Asthma
  • A shortness of breath
  • Headaches

Unfortunately, there are no current blood tests that can determine if someone has been exposed to mold. While allergy testing is possible, it cannot tell you the exact time or location of an exposure. Certain individuals are more susceptible to mold sensitivities than others. Mold exposure is more common in those with compromised immune systems, especially young children and the elderly.

How to Remove Toilet Mold

It is possible to remove mold from the toilet’s rim by using a hose. Also, the toilet is made out of porcelain which is non-porous. The mold can only live on the surface of the toilet bowl, as it is non-porous. You should take all safety precautions before beginning any mold removal. Wear rubber gloves, and perhaps a N-95-rated facemask.

Before you begin cleaning the toilet, flush it first. To clean the mold under the rim, you can use mild bathroom cleaners and a brush and/or toilet rag. Use something soft to scrub your toilet. You can scratch the porcelain surface easily with abrasive products. This applies to the product you use when cleaning porcelain. No scouring powder!) You can flush the toilet and continue scrubbing until no more mold is visible. Allow the bowl to sit for about 20 minutes. Let the bowl sit for 20 minutes, then scrub the toilet and flush it again.

Warning: Do not pour chlorine bleach inside the toilet tank. Bleach is corrosive, and can cause damage to the plumbing components within the tank. Use white vinegar to clean the toilet tank.

Steam can also be used to remove mold below your toilet bowl rim. It’s a great option to have a handheld steamer. First turn off the water supply. You should flush the toilet to get rid of as much water as possible. Steam the bowl and under the rim of the toilet with your steamer at the highest pressure your machine can handle. After steaming, flush the toilet. If necessary, repeat the process. Use a soft cloth to wipe the toilet surfaces clean after you are done.

Prevention of mold around your toilet rim

Regular cleaning of the toilets is the best method to prevent this from happening. This will reduce the likelihood of mold growing in your toilets if you clean them every 7-10 working days. It is also important to reduce humidity in bathrooms. You can achieve this by closing the window and using an exhaust fan in the bathroom.

Another thing you can do every now and again is to give your bathroom the Motel 6 treatment. This involves leaving the bathroom light on overnight, as well as the lid up for the toilet. Mold is not fond of bright light or direct sunlight. Don’t try to “save water” by not flushing the toilets after each use. While the “If It’s yellow” rhyme may be cute, mold can take up residence.

Mold can return to your toilet in as little as a day after your cleaning. This could be a sign that there is a bigger mold problem in your house. If this happens, you should seek professional assistance.

Is Mold growing beneath my Toilet Rim?

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