Ray Ban Screw: Where To Find Replacement Parts

Enjoying a sunny day with friends is the best feeling. You can also look amazing in your sunglasses. Broken sunglasses can ruin your mood. My Ray Ban sunglasses were damaged by a screw on the arm hinge. This caused the sunglasses to drop off my face.

I immediately thought that the sunglasses were defective and that I should replace them. When I thought I was ready to buy a new pair, I checked my finances and discovered I couldn’t pay for a Ray Ban. So I decided to fix my Ray Ban sunglasses.

I began by checking local glasses stores to find any spare screws. They didn’t have any, so they recommended that I check out a specialty store. After trying a few different hardware shops around the city, I wasn’t any closer to fixing my Ray Ban sunglasses.

Ray Ban Screw

I was almost ready to give in and just send out all my money to get a new pair. However, my friend explained to me that he too had the same problem and that he used his spare time to fold Ray Ban replacement screws for Clubmasters at a website called GlassesTools.com. They also had Rayban Wayfarer screws.

I was tempted to take it with me and try it. The price of the screws was very reasonable. I thought it was worth a try as it would be cheaper than spending my entire money on a new pair.

I purchased two Ray Ban screw. An extra was added to my order in case one of the other ones fails. GlassesTools.com sent my order very quickly. I received the package within days.

I found the screw easy to use and was able to restore my Ray Ban sunglasses to like new in just a few minutes. The screws were worth the money because I saved hundreds on not having to buy a new pair.

Ray Ban Screw: Where To Find Replacement Parts

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